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How to #join the internship


Sign up for the internship

> 1 minute

Apply for an upcoming internship in your city.
If the specialization is not starting soon, choose it from the opportunities list and Apply early.


Complete online tests

~ 1 hour

After you've applied, complete online pre-internship test(s). We invite to a technical interview based on the test results.


Pass an interview

1 hour

Have a talk with our recruiter and a technical interview with internship mentors. Let's discuss all the details!


Welcome to the internship

2^10 hours

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We know how to make you successful. We spend years developing approaches for people development.

Relevant knowledge

We believe in constantly investing into obtaining the best ways to learn and develop. Have the opportunity to benefit from industry best practices for improving your skills.

New technology

We work with cutting edge Technologies. Learn from our Top Engineers, working in a real environment with these technologies.

High responsibility

We partner with our clients and have the opportunity to consult them on the projects. You'll gain the knowledge on how to negotiate on functionality, technologies, and to make an impact.

Achieved result

We are able to help you achieve the desired results. You'll learn how to apply your skills and grow your professional value.


//Speak with our interns

You think your mockup is really close to the original one? Don’t make me laugh.

Dmytro Nakonechnyi

Dmytro Nakonechnyi

Junior Software Engineer

Сode more, sleep less. Drink coffee, not beer. Follow your mentors, not your friends. Amen!

Hanna Pryshchepa

Hanna Pryshchepa

Junior Software Engineer

Wake up! It’s time to fix comments... more spaces, more... Keep your code clean and don’t forget to resolve PR comments.

Ihor Sorokin

Ihor Sorokin

Junior Software Engineer

>>Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics is a leading provider of technology consulting, agile co-creation and scalable engineering and data science services for Fortune 1000 corporations undergoing digital transformation.

We work in close collaboration with our clients on digital transformation initiatives that span strategy consulting, early prototypes and enterprise-scale delivery of new digital platforms.

We help organizations become more agile and create innovative digital products and experiences using deep expertise in emerging technology, top global engineering talent, lean software development practices, and a high-performance product culture.


What’s the learning course and duration of the internship?

Depending on the specialization, the internship:

  • lasts from three to six months;
  • takes 6-8 hours daily on workdays;
  • includes team or individual education types.

All the internship programs include the learning plan, mentorship, and progress tracking and typically require offline presence

What is the internship schedule?

The internship implies a 6-8 hours workday schedule without strictly set hours. Since most of the internships take place directly in the Grid Dynamics offices, the interns are expected to be present there the majority of the program duration.

Will I be hired after the internship?

Grid Dynamics offers work for the interns that show a significant progress in their technical and soft skills during the internship.

Can I combine the internship with a full-time job or learning at university?

The internship program implies a 6-8 hours workday schedule, so it’s not possible to combine it with a full time job. Students can combine the internship with their university courses, provided they maintain the daily internship schedule. Any deviations must be agreed with their mentors (for example, to taking an exam).

If I don’t pass the requirements for the internship now, may I apply in the future?


Do I get paid during the internship?

Yes, interns earn scholarships.

Will I be involved in a real-world project during the internship?

If your technical level is high enough, there is an opportunity to start working on a real-world project.

When will I be contacted after completing the online tests?

Due to the many applicants, we will contact only shortlisted candidates at the end of the application period. A good test score is the best way to have a higher chance of being selected.

Logo: JavaJava or
Logo: JavascriptJavaScript? 
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assessment online andJoin<Grid Dynamics>

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